Roofing Services

Installation, Repairs, Emergency Service

We have over 20 years of experience in the roofing field. Our installation crew is very professional and takes a lot of pride in delivering outstanding results. We use all the new and innovative products that make your new roof that much better. Most roofs can be completed in 1 day!

All roofs are carefully inspected before estimates are provided. This helps eliminate additional unforeseen charges during the installation of the roof. Our service surpasses those of our competition by including elements such as the underlayment and ridge vent in your cost, where most companies will charge you for them separately. All jobs include a quote for a 25 year shingle and a 30 year architectural shingle.


Our installation service includes:

  • Up to three sheets of ply-wood replacement on all quotes (unless more is noticed to be needed during roof inspection.) Three sheets typically covers any unforeseen issues during removal of old roof.
  • Weather and ice barrier underlayment above all gutters and any other common trouble areas.
  • New roof flashing including chimney or any other wall or counter flashing.
  • New pipe collars and small roof vents.
  • We install ridge vent on all main ventable ridges.
  • Spot free clean up.


We handle all minor and/or major roof repairs. Our owner or a roofing foreman will visit your property to closely examine your roof and provide the best solution to your issue(s). We are very careful to sell ONLY the materials that are needed for your repair. We will educate you on your options and provide an honest, professional opinion on the best solution.

Emergency Service

If you have an emergency roof repair, please call us at (240) 286-1775. We respond to all calls as fast as possible to help prevent further unnecessary damage to your property.


Roof Cleaning

Bring back the look of your roof!

Consider us your premium roof cleaning service. Using low-pressure techniques and eco-friendly products, our newest service is low-cost, removing stains from your roof for just pennies per square foot.

For more information or a FREE ESTIMATE, please send us a message. Include details of what you need completed and your phone number if you would like a call back: